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TEAM, Training Embassy for Advanced Ministries, is designed to train believers to use their God Tools proficiently. Training is divided into two tiers: TEAM Lite and TEAM Embassy.

  1. TEAM Lite teaches believers how to deal with their own issues and walk in the Spirit.
  2. TEAM Embassy equips believers to teach and minister the Full Stature approach. TEAM members will be certified to work in the call center, train healing teams in churches and ministries, and go to remote locations on the mission field to equip missionaries.



TEAM offers an online school with a variety of courses. 


 TEAM Lite



TEAM Lite offers seminars and classes on the DRN (Deep Relief Now) approach, which is a simple, systematic, proven approach to give believers the how-to tools to set them free from emotional pain, deal internally with current isssues in life in the moment, and also equip believers to teach others. The TEAM Lite modules are a prerequisite for those who attend TEAM Embassy. Click here for schedule.


The completion of all TEAM Lite Modules is one of the prerequisites for admission in TEAM Embassy.






TEAM Embassy

TEAM Embassy equips believers to minister and teach the Full Stature approach competently.

Ministry TEAMs for churches  

TEAM members who have successfully completed the intensive TEAM curriculum are available to minister and teach the Full Stature Approach. 

They form a vital part of a church minister army, supporting the pastoral staff and providing urgent care for the congregation. 

TEAM ministry teams are thoroughly trained, competent TEAMs who are able to work together effectively.   

What pastors are saying... 

"Over the past three decades] this ministry is the one that has touched me the most and given all of us tools to help others. Since [you were here] with us I have used these tools almost on a daily basis. People are being changed and delivered and healed so easily...may you continue to bring this life changing ministry throughout the whole world". - Colebrook, New Hampshire  

"Because of your ministry and the tools you taught our parishioners,we have a healthy church! And, not only that, our staff is healed up, too!" - Tolland, Connecticut  

"Our church has been transformed and you have never even been here. Because we used your materials and taught our church members, they have been healed and now they minister to one another. It is so much easier to pastor our church now. Thank you so much!" - New Brunswick, Canada  

"I got your material onThe Biology of Faith and started using it and teaching it, and our people are getting healed emotionally and physically." - Cergy-Pontoise, France 


Ministry TEAMs for missionaries

TEAM for missionaries, Training Embassy for Advanced Missions, can travel to remote parts of the globe to heal and train missionaries, or missionaries can come to Fort Mill for intensive training. Equipped missionaries, healed of their own heart wounds, are then more effective in healing and equipping their disciples as they fulfill the Great Commission.


TEAM training

TEAM training is available on a number of different levels of intensity. DVD's, CD's, and manuals are available for churches and leaders to use for discipleship training. Video streaming is available to be broadcast in church sanctuaries. TEAM classes are designed to be boot camps that challenge, educate, equip, and empower.

Dennis and Dr. Jen, KLC pastoral staff, and our trained TEAM members are also available to travel to other churches and ministries to equip others.