Thanks be to God!! I am a brand plucked from the devourer's fire. I was consumed with bitterness, anger and resentment by taking the thoughts of the enemy and saying them. I considered myself a victim and I absorbed every negative, toxic emotion in the atmosphere. As you can imagine, life was something just to get through ~ but God in His sweet mercy has drawn me back to Himself and called me His own—a woman after His own heart, a valiant, victorious, triumphant overcomer. That's ME! In every remembrance I thank God for you...and your entire team. You are God's forerunners to make a way in the wilderness and lead us to the streams in the desert, that the redeemed may walk there to declare His praise and delight to do His will, which is our joy. May God Himself reward you for your labor of love as only He can do.


I have to tell you what happened to me yesterday at work. I have ordered several of your teachings via download...This stuff really works. I was at work and did not realize how really angry and disgusted I was with a person that had offended me several days prior. I honestly did not know until the Lord brought it to my attention that I was sitting at my computer...daydreaming about how disgusted I was, and feeling guilty but battling with it. After God "shocked" me into seeing it for what it really was, I tried to drop down and yield to Christ and let Him do it but I kept getting interupted. That is when the thought came to me that I had the Emotional Healing Prayer mp3 file on my phone. I instantly put my earphones on and listened to the 2nd mp3 file that has the actual "how to" over and over about three times. Meanwhile, in the back of my mind, I was putting God to the test because, to tell you the truth, I con't remember being that angry in a good while. I said to the Lord that if He could deliver me before that person came in and I had to face them, then it would be a huge miracle. I'm sure you know the rest of the story. Not only did He deliver me but, when I saw that person, I had pity and compassion and was able to face that person with no twisting in my gut but complete peace. WOW! Keep up the good work.


Your Module One has helped me with a foundation to turn down the full-gain noise even eliminate the toxic guilt etc. I just LOVE the PRESENCE of Jesus' Holy Spirit and spent the lion's share of Sunday just enjoying the presence and love of almighty God over and over again.  Anointed words from music continue to reverberate, resonate in my mind and spirit. Wow.  This would not have happened without...Module One and my putting it into action and I'm by no means finished.  I'm so very grateful.... We have an HRV Heart Rate Variability (Nerve Express)  which crunches numbers in interesting ways. HRV demonstrates sympathetic and parasympathetic balance or lack thereof.  I have used this in the past to verify clinical improvement with clients. I "forgot" I had this software and this past week on a whim hooked myself up.  The result astonished me simply because my overall physiology has improved so markedly over and above where I was a year ago.  The only significant difference between then and now is use of the "God Tools!"  The fruit of enacting "God Tools" into action does in fact provoke a significant physiological shift. Amongst other things, you two  have the potential  to demonstrate irrefutable objective "scientific" proof that folks utilizing  "God Tools" by regularly putting them into action permanently eliminates the overall chronic bodily burden of anxiety and other toxic emotions whilst  promoting overall health.  Since anxiety, according to Bowen theory, has been producing rampant societal regression, you are first persons I know of whose work actually yields constructive reproducible healing.... This is huge. Thanks for your respectful, listening and obedience to our Lord Y'shua.  Let's get on with provoking the Jews to jealousy and the "one new man."  I think you can prove to the most belligerent skeptic that what your saying and doing is reality. The Jews require signs and wonders. You're regularly doing that. 





[In the training modules]…I learned how to access the God within me in a greater way. My new relationship with Christ and the Holy Spirit has changed everything in my life. I started applying the principals of the book shortly after reading the text in January of this year. After attending modules one and two I went a little deeper and saw many positive changes. By using the Holy Spirit to show me people that my memory had long since forgotten, I was able to forgive people. I try and do this every day because I do not want any unforgiveness in my heart. It seems that Jesus takes out the sin and replaces it with His peace each time I do this.


By receiving His peace, I know have a different “Normal”. Now, not having peace is the abnormal state where before I never had a lot of peace even though I loved Jesus and tried to serve him. I did not have the relationship with Jesus in my heart but instead the relationship was in my head and my understanding. While I am not where I will be in the coming years, I now know Jesus in my heart.


As I have gained more understanding in this, I’ve shared this with the Sunday School Class at my church. In the last year our class began a series called “Getting Ready to Go”, with the emphasis on the return of Jesus. We focused on Gal. chapter five and covered behaviors that could not be taken to heaven. We spent time on unforgiveness but not how to get rid of it. That is where the book came in and I started using it and then purchased copies for each student in the class. Everyone has enjoyed the book but more than that, they enjoy the changes that Jesus is making in their lives. There has been a dramatic break-through in our classroom and in their individual walks with Jesus. The anointing has been so strong in the class some days that people are accepting Christ in the Sunday School Class. Some mornings the entire class is weeping before the Lord and others now notice the difference in our class.


I prayed with a man this past Sunday that had been abandoned as a child. I told him where his heart was and he accepted Jesus in his heart and I then led him through deliverance for the hurts that he felt so deeply using the blue card. This man is in his late thirties and this is the first time in his life that he has been free of these hurts. This is happening a lot at the altar services lately and as our class becomes more familiar with using the card; I expect we will be able to help more people. Our ability to discern will increase our ability to help folks at the altar.


I just cannot thank you enough for the books, tapes and training that you all are doing. These have changed my life and I now use what I know to help others. I wish my entire Sunday school class could attend the training in Fort Mill, but most do not have the funds or the time to travel. I’m sharing what I’ve learned from you and the Holy Spirit each week in Sunday school. These classes are producing much fruit for the Kingdom.